Parrish Inspection Co.

Address: 218 Lands End Street
Rockport, Texas

Our Vast Network Of Skilled Inspectors, Located Strategically Around The Globe Allow Parrish Inspection To Tackle Virtually Any Project NO Matter How Large OR Small!

Expediting Services

The Parrish inspection Company provides expediting activities to ensure that all stages of assignment execution are timely performed by manufacturers in compliance with a known, agreed and reliable production program. The execution of expediting activities can be carried out by shop visits, or required by phone calls (desk expediting).

“PIC” enables its customers to have any stage of the engineering, procurement, plant construction activities under control (i.e. fabrication and assembly, rectification work, material deficit, failure on test or inspection, packing and shipping).

Listed below are some of the expediting activities generally performed by The Parrish Inspection Company:

Third Party Inspection & Procurement Quality Assurance Firm

Parrish Inspection Company LLC

Oil/Gas, Energy, Nuclear Industry Code Inspection​
Market Research and Procurement Services

The continuous and increasing need to buy products at very competitive prices and attop quality levels is forcing all manufacturers to reach considerable improvements on their quality standard in all the areas of engineering, procurement, fabrication process, as well as in the operational and logistic activities.

The considerable and constantly updated know-out, gained from daily contacts withmanufacturers, as well as the attention paid to market general trends allow “PIC” to offer good support for any market research or procurement activity to be carried out everywhere. 

The Parrish Inspection Co.’s objective is to support clients in purchasing and getting high quality products with competitive prices and delivery.

  • Checking the status of procurement activities and orders / sub-orders issuance.

  • Checking the materials available at the manufacturer's workshop and thescheduled/confirmed sub-suppliers delivery dates.

  • Checking the extent, status and progress of the engineering documents to besupplied by the manufacturer in order to verify that they are in compliance with theclients' requirements and the production schedule and that no outstandingdocument may cause delay in any subsequent stage of the job.

  • Ensuring that materials and equipment to be supplied, with documents andaccessories required for their installation, use and maintenance, are successfullycompleted and provided by the manufacturers on the due dates.

  • Checking manufacturing progress, compliance with the manufacturing schedule; supervise work and evaluate production times and methods. Proposing corrective actions in case of any kind of delay and/or problem faced during manufacturing and/or inspection process.